“A variety of organic Corn Homemade Tortillas Made for the soul”


“Corn is the base, it is the foundation, it is the heart of Mexican Cuisine, and of course, of our cuisine as well”

We believe that the culture of the gastronomy of our country is on your plate and that is why the composition of our restaurant is unique and offers you a very well prepared organic ingredient as our ancestors did so that you can find an exquisite flavor in our dishes and savor the fresh of our variet y of corn without losing the original way in which it is prepared Here in our kitchen with love and dedication. We invite you to taste our dishes prepared with the best organic corn that our Mexico offers.

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Savor the Authentic Flavors of Mexico at House of Corn!

“Greetings from House of Corn! We’re thrilled to bring you the rich and authentic tastes of Mexico with our exquisite dishes. From our savory tacos and cheesy quesadillas to our hearty burritos and flavorful tortas, each bite is a journey through Mexican culinary tradition. Order now to enjoy these delicious offerings from House of Corn, and bring the vibrant flavors of Mexico straight to your doorstep!”

A La Carte

Pastor, Suadero, Chorizo, Birria, Campechanos, Picadillo, Chorizo con Papas
+$1 Tripa

  • Street Tacos $4.99
  • Battleship Taco $6.99
  • Tostadas $6.99
  • Burritos $11.99
  • Alambre $15.99
  • Pambazo $12.99
  • Quesadilla $9.99
  • Torta $12.99
  • Sope $6.99
  • Huarache $12.99

House of Corn Specials

  • 2 Quesabirrias and Consomé $12.99
  • Tacos dorados $12.99

    3 crunchy rolled tacos (beef, chicken tinga or carnitas) rice and beans

  • Enchiladas $15.99

    2 enchiladas (beef, chicken or pork) covered with poblano creme sauce and served with rice and beans

  • Pozole $12.99

    Hominy soup and pork, served with 3 rolled taquitos on the side

  • Chile Verde PLATE $12.99

    Pork and Potatoes cooked in green chile sauce, served with rice, beans and tortillas on the side

  • Tamale plate $12.99

    2 homemade tamales (chicken or pork) served with rice and beans

  • Chile Relleno Plate $15.99

    Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese, covered with tomato sauce. Served with rice, beans and tortillas on the side


  • Breakfast Burrito $9.99

    Filled up with eggs your way (chorizo, ham, veggies, tortilla or hotdogs

  • Chilaquiles and Eggs $9.99

    Two eggs your way, chilaquiles, rice and beans

  • Scrambled Eggs $9.99

    Eggs your way, rice and beans. Chorizo, ham, veggies, fried tortilla, rancheros or hotdogs.

  • Chilaquiles and Meat $11.99

    Green or red sauce, any meat, rice and beans


  • Chips and salsa $3.99
  • Chips and Guacamole $6.99
  • Queso Fundido $9.99
  • Choriqueso $9.99

Kids Menu

  • Cheese Quesadilla $5.99
  • Beans and Cheese Burrito $6.99
  • Chicken Nuggets $6.99


  • Red Sauce $4.00
  • Green Sauce $4.00


  • Sweet Tamales $4.00
  • Flan $6.99
  • Tres Leches $7.99
  • Chocoflan $6.99

Dozen of Tortillas

  • White $5.00
  • Blue & Red $6.00

Dough / Masa 1 Lb

  • White $3.00
  • Blue & Red $3.50


  • Small $2.50
  • Large $3.00
  • Bottled Soda $3.50
  • Aguas Frescas $3.50
  • Beer $5.00

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