Our Story

My story, and beautiful healthy grain.

Growing up in Mexico, I learn to appreciate the freshness of authentic homemade dishes made from a beautiful grain. Corn cultivation and its variety with beautiful color have gained an important place in the high Mexican cuisine, been one of the richest and high on their benefits such as Fiver, Vitamins, Minerals. Delicious organic  Corn Tortillas is what I try to find when I moved here. Now I made my won and share with you from my beloved Mexico I bring this to you and to your families to taste the gift of our ancestors, never leaving behind its original way of preparation with the smell of Nixtamal in my kitchen we will prepare with love and dedication the best Tortillas, stews, marinated meats, Tamales, and Pozole to delight the palate of our customers.

Chef: Armando Guerrero

Fresh, Traditional, and Healthy

Let us tell you a little bit about what we do and how our food will rock your world, That's right!! find out for your self and let us delight you with our famous Tacos al pastor made with fresh marinated meats and fresh pineapple but don't forget not only we have al pastor, Asada, Tripa, Tinga, Longaniza, Chorizo con papas, Picadillo, Quesadillas, and a stew of Chile Verde Tacos, but also our pork Pozole also made with organic hominy, and tamales are the best. and all of this with the best organic Tortillas adorning our dishes with its unique natural colors and taste with real Nixtamal and perfect preparation. From our chef's hands directly to your table. come and enjoy a delicious fresh meal and cozy wide space and a nice atmosphere.